Choosing The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis, as the name attempts to suggest, is the inflammation of the plantar fascia. This is the thick tissue found on the arch of the feet and connects the heels and balls of our feet. Standing all day, strain, and landing hard on your feet are some common reasons of getting it. The likelihood of having this increases with age.

Healthcare practitioners have found plantar fasciitis to be the most common foot condition to be treated. Runners and athletes are more prone to this because of the continuous heavy usage of the foot. More active men are affected than women and around 10% of the American population(pdf) have experienced this condition.

For some, the heel pain is tolerable and won’t even need medication until it goes away. For some unfortunate others, it may require pain medications just so to continue regular activities of daily living. Yes, there it is common to receive excruciating pain in the first few steps in upon waking!

Preventing Pain and Supporting Arches

The only way to prevent plantar fasciitis is being mindful about the way you use your feet. This can be easy for the less active people. Just mind every stride you make and wear comfortable sneakers.

But for the athletic types, this can be an issue. You might want to opt to be more mindful in choosing your footwear to help you lessen the stress your foot receives during your activity.

It is critical to be meticulous in choosing the right type of shoes for every activity you do. Size is very important. An improper shoe size can lead to a worsening of the foot injury.

This can mean more harm than relief.

Here is a great video that covers all the basics to get you started picking the right shoe!

Watch this video on YouTube.

After watching that you might also be interested in our insole and insert guide.

Below is my list of top picks when it comes to plantar fasciitis, please read the descriptions carefully as some shoes might be helpful or unhelpful depending on your symptoms and situation!

Types of Shoes

Depending on your intended activity, there are just the right comfortable shoes for everyone. It’s a simple decision to wear the right type of shoe for your activity. Each type gives the optimum support and comfort for activity.

Best Everyday Shoes

Addidas Skate Shoes

Sometimes, it’s just hard to choose an everyday shoe that gives you ultimate comfort while still having style. Most often, stylish shoes lack cushion to look its best. Some of the most comfortable shoes just look too big and bulky because of the exaggerated padding.

If you search further, there are brands that care enough to give you both comfort and style.

 can be a great casual shoe you can wear everyday with your jeans.


Best Running Shoes

Running shoes are designed to withstand a continuous beating while giving you support and comfort while on it. But because of the insane selection to choose from, it has become quite difficult to pick a pair!

New Balance Trainers

The cushion is one of the most important things to look for running shoes. See to it that there is enough cushion to support your landing. that give you enough cushion and padding while still feeling the feedback of every strike.

Hooka Running Shoes

Hooka, another brand, makes great. They are also cushioned and padded well. Aside from that, they have designed an ergonomic wedge-shaped platform to help you on your form while running and still give you maximum comfort.

Best Work Shoes

When you are working on something and need extra flexibility and comfort while still having protection for your feet, working shoes should be employed. Working shoes are specially designed to move along with your tight maneuvers while giving you protection from having an injury.

This is the tricky part that comfort is most often exchanged for protection. Working shoes pride themselves on giving you excellent protection from the hazards of occupational work. The best shoes you could get with good comfort and still give you excellent protection may come a little pricier than most.

Skechers, however, has some shoe models that has a steel toe and still give you comfort for an affordable price. You can have your mind at ease while working on your stuff without worrying about having plantar fasciitis and a squashed toe.

Best Dress Shoes

Leather shoes have limited flexibility compared to other types of shoes. The leather itself has very little elasticity so there is no room to expand. Giving too much cushioning and padding to your dress shoes might make it give it a bulky look like working shoes. That would not be very nice for such formal affairs, right?

But still, there must be enough cushion to avoid too much compression of the foot and avoid injuries. And some people just give up comfort for style. Should you choose to ignore caring for your foot, you might be sorry in the long run.

Mens Prada Loafers

It would be wise to choose softer leather variants for a little more flexibility. This might not be as durable as other tough leather, but your foot will thank you for it! If you are a fan of the classic old-school design, and has some fashionable soft leather dress shoes. They are stylish and still maintains a good level of comfort for your feet.

Kennith Kole Ellis Wedge Pump

For women, high heels are a must. But they rob you of comfort. They are extremely fashionable yet extremely uncomfortable and make your feet hurt! Should you need to wear high heels, consider choosing a wedge or platform heels can lessen this discomfort.

Some designs by

can be stylish and quite comfortable too.

Choosing The Right Size and Shape

Not all shoe sizes are universal in fit. Different types of shoes require different sizes for you. For example, your dress shoe is half to one size bigger than your casual shoes. You need to pay attention to this. This makes buying shoes online a little difficult since you cannot try them on before your purchase.

The right shape of shoe matters a lot for your comfort. The shape of feet greatly varies from person to person. Make sure you can freely wriggle your toes and there is enough padding for cushion. An ill-fitting shoe can give you pain rather than comfort.

Don’t Ignore The Socks

Don’t forget to put into consideration the socks you wear before purchasing a shoe. If it is possible, try the shoe on with the proper type of socks. The socks add to the bulk of your feet and you might need to adjust the size of the shoe depending on the socks you prefer to wear. Especially if you’re going to try out wearing

for plantar fasciitis socks.

A good pair of socks can help add cushion to your shoes. Too thick and it could compress your feet. This can give you discomfort instead of addressing your pain. So be very careful in choosing the socks you wear.

Wear athletic socks on your training shoes and working shoes. This can add comfort and protection to every stride. Opt for a medium thickness socks for your casual shoes. If you have a well cushioned everyday shoe, thin socks might work better.

Silk socks are a great choice for dress shoes. But sometimes, they lack the necessary cushion for your feet. You may want to choose superior Pima cotton socks instead for added comfort. If you can’t give up the posh fashion style of silk socks, you can choose to buy silicone gel pads and other similar products to add cushion and maintain your style.

Comfort and Style

Sometimes, choosing over comfort and style can be a tough decision. Especially if you already have a foot ailment onset. Plantar fasciitis is a chronic condition characterized by painful steps. To lessen the discomfort and help you manage your pain, choosing comfort over style would be a great decision.

If you can afford to spare some cash, some brands offer protection and style with a little more cost.


Plantar fasciitis can be treated with pain medication and other topical essential oil salve. But aside from the treatment, there are other things you could modify to promote your comfort. Choosing the right type of shoe for every activity you do can mean a lot for your foot.

Training shoes are excellent for running and other rigorous activities. With the right amount of cushion, you can still run and perform your athletic activities while managing your condition. You can always opt for cushioned walking shoes for your everyday use. These can also prevent you from catching other foot anomalies.

There are working shoes that can give you comfort while still being protected. So, don’t make the unnecessary sacrifice of wearing uncomfortable shoes. Find the right one for you. Don’t ignore the socks, find and wear the right socks depending on the shoes you wear.

Dress shoes are awesomely stylish but can be uncomfortable. Soft leathers can be a better choice for men. Ladies, you can choose platform heels or wedges instead for more stability and comfort.

You don’t have to suffer from pain. With a little mindfulness and the right choice of shoe, you can lessen, if not eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis. Wearing the right size of shoe, the right shape of the shoe, the right type of shoe, on every activity you do can prevent you from aggravating your injury.

Your feet will definitely thank you for choosing the right footwear!


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