Melt Method Balls for Plantar Fasciitis

Many people have found the Melt Method, discovered by Sue Hitzmann a successful treatment for Plantar Fasciitis.

So what is the melt method and how does it help?

The melt method is an exercise routine using balls and rollers to help massage the afflicted area and connective muscle tissues.

Massaging is a very well known way to help heal and reduce pain from Plantar fasciitis. The most commonly suggested technique is to use a massage ball to roll back and forward under your feet.

The melt method balls, shown below, are great for this as they’re made from a soft yet firm comfortable rubber.

MELT Method Balls – Hand & Foot Treatment Kit

This kit comes with a great little illustrated instruction guide along with 8 treatment balls and a bunion reduce band.

Before we continue,

We have to cover a little more about what plantar fasciitis is, how it really works, or we won’t be able to understand how the MELT method works its magic.

The plantar facia is the connective tissue that runs from the bottom of your heel to the area just below your big toe. It supports the arch of your foot and is what allows you to move around so easily.

When the foot is over stressed by standing, walking or running, the plantar fascia becomes inflamed causing pain. This normally happens at the heel, because the connect tissue begins pulling away from the bone at the heel.

Those who are involved in high-impact activities on their feet, will likely experience this condition at some point.

How else can the melt method help me?

A little less known fact about plantar fasciitis is that the same tendons connected to your heel also run up the back of your legs all the way to your lower back. Massaging or stretching these muscles is actually a much more effective way of reducing plantar fasciitis pain. Massaging the heel is often a very painful ordeal that should be avoided. What you really should be doing is massaging the surrounding muscles in your feet and leg, this tends to hurt much less and doesn’t do any further damage.

Melt Method Foam Roller

This roller is what prefered to use when massaging my calf muscles to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis.

MELT Method Super Bundle

Also available in a “Super Bundle” which is really handy if you’re looking to get both the roller and the balls at a better price.

Short Video By Sue Hitzmann

Melt Method Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Stand with your toes pointing straight ahead, feet hip-width apart. Focus your attention on your feet and try to see if more weight is being put on one foot or the other. Try to sense if your knees or legs are tense.
  2. Step onto a small rubber ball (you can get balls specifically designed for this exercise) with the ball in position 1, with one foot. Put your weight onto the ball to create a gentle pressure. Bend your knees and move a bit from side to side keeping the pressure on the ball steady.
  3. Step back with the opposite foot. Place the ball under position 5, just in front of the heel. Apply pressure to the ball and slowly roll it from side to side. Begin working the ball back to the heel, using the same side by side motion. Then work it back to position 5.
  4. Next, with the ball at point 5, put pressure on the ball again and move your foot from left to right, holding the ball steady. This process helps to get the fluids moving in your foot again.
  5. Finally, place the ball on point 2, just beneath the big toe. Move the ball toward your heel with a gentle pressure. Repeat this exercise starting beneath each toe. This will help the fluids open throughout your whole body. Repeat this on the other foot.

This technique works on other parts of the body as well. It simply starts the fluids flowing again, in connective tissue, which is located all over the body. For people who stand for their jobs, walk a lot or are avid runners, doing these simple exercises each day can prevent you from developing chronic foot pain. You will sleep better and get up each morning ready to start a new day. The exercises may take up to 10 minutes to do, but they will give relief if you do them consistently.

Plantar Fascia & Dehydration


The MELT Method

Plantar fasciitis inflammation causes these tissue to become dehydrated, which causes the pain. Many people ignore the pain because it comes and goes. However, if you ignore it for a long period of time, it can cause heel spurs, which can be painful 24 hours a day. To prevent this from happening, rehydrating the connective tissue is needed. One method of doing that is the Melt Method, developed by Sue Hitzmann. It is a simple method to get the juices flowing again in your feet.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am someone who suffered from Plantar Fasciitis off and on for 3 years before my heel pain fully subsided. The following information is based off my own experience and research into what works best for plantar fasciitis.