Kinesio Tape Review for Plantar Fasciitis

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Kinesiology therapeutic tape, also known as “Kinesio Tape” or “KT Tape”, is a drug free and semi-natural way to manage Plantar Fascciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition especially to those who are on their feet for a prolonged period. Soldiers, Policemen, other uniformed personnel, and athletes have been found to be more prone to contract this condition compared to other people.

It is a bothersome condition that is worse in the first step after a rest and gradually decreases as you walk. For the unfortunate few, this can be a debilitating condition that can affect the regular activities of daily living.

For some people, a few days to a few weeks of rest without medication is enough to go through this condition. For the worst case, surgery may be prescribed by the physician.

KT Tape Primer:

Kinesio tape has seen popular use with athletes for optimal getting performance but more importantly prevention of injury by limiting hyperflexion and hyperextension. But aside from that, it has also gained popularity on pain management caused by mechanical misalignment in the anatomy of the body.

Kinesio tape used to be quite hard to find and extremely expensive. But the internet and online market places have already addressed that problem. You can purchase KT tape from their store or look for a better price on


Why You Need It:

About 10% of the population are experiencing different levels of pain brought about plantar fasciitis. People experiencing this commonly compensate by landing on the balls of their feet rather than the heels when walking. This poses a danger as the natural balance and center of gravity is shifted forward. This increases the likelihood of falls.

The Simple Solution.

With the proper application of KT tape (video below), the pain can be dramatically reduced so that people can walk with a typical stance. The arch of the foot and the heel is pulled inwards and towards the knee returning the heels to its natural anatomic position. The tape provides insulation to the foot keeping it warm. This increases the blood flow in the affected area. The increase in blood flow reduces the inflammation and hastens the repair of the affected tissue.

Having a roll of KT tape ready at your disposal can help you return to your productive state and rid yourself of that troublesome pain while moving around. For athletes, this means that you can return to your training, with the approval of your physician, without worrying about worsening your injury.

What is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape comes in two variants. The Original and the Pro series. The original series are made of cotton which has a unidirectional stretch. The tape extends in length but not in width for optimized elasticity.The only difference it has with the Pro series is that it is made of synthetic materials that can adhere comfortably to the skin up to 7 days.

Amazingly, KT tape can withstand sweat, water, and shower for up to seven days. For your added convenience, you would not be replacing it as often as every day.

Each roll has a 20 pre-cut 10inch strip that is 2 inches wide. The edges are rounded to avoid fraying. The cotton mesh that adheres to the body moves along like just like a second layer of the skin.

The material comes in a variety of color for fashion and coding purposes. It is free from latex so people with latex allergy can also benefit from using it.

Its also very easy to apply, just take a look at the video.

Watch this video on YouTube.

A No-Medicine Approach

There are medications available to reduce or completely remove pain. But along with that relief comes some side effects. Some of the strong painkillers can even make you groggy and reduce your productivity or training hours.

With a little correction in your anatomical alignment with the help of KT tape, you can reduce this pain and continue with your everyday living without relying on expensive medications.