Plantar Fasciitis Essential Oils

If I said natural remedies for plantar fasciitis like essential oils got a raw deal, untrusted, smeared and are generally shunned by the medical community wouldn’t you agree?

But in actual fact,

Some natural remedies, like essential oils, have been an incredibly popular remedy for plantar fascitiis and heel pain for a very long time.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis, general heel pain, achilles tendinitis, or something else. Essential oils should at the very least be considered as a healthy and natural alternative to over the counter medications.

Essential Oils, an Organic Remedy for Plantar Fasciitis

About 58{21f780d9cf4ddae920f77258603f4e155627c94e8753990e0fd528d0dea03b59} of the population experiencing pain have resorted to oral medications for pain relief. And there is no doubt it is the most effectively acclaimed form of medication.

But the thing is,

Medications are synthetically made and have been known to have a detrimental effect on your body in the long term. You may not feel any of it today and you may even enjoy the effects of some of the stronger analgesics, but continuous usage can put you in danger.

Essential oils, extracted from natural and organic sources are slowly but surely becoming a mainstream alternative for pain management. Some claim to give instant pain relief while others need a seeping period before you see the full pain relieving effect. You may also have to use it consecutively for a few days to feel any heel pain relief at all.

Plantar Fasciitis Rapid Relief and Wise Men Healing Balm

A few commercial items such as Rapid Relief and Wise Men Healing Balm are readily available online. They contain a potent combination of essential oils that can bring relief to your heel pain.

Essential oils from peppermint, laurel, cinnamon, thyme, and many others are combined in different proportions to alleviate discomfort with a bonus of aromatic stimulation.

Pain in the foot.

How to Apply Essential Oils for Plantar Fasciitis

Essential Oils are rubbed directly on the affected area and can bring a relatively immediate effect.

The oil is directly absorbed by the skin and goes deep into your skin tissue.

The warm sensations stimulate optimal blood flow and circulation which then helps reduce inflammation and hasten the ability for your body to repair the damage, reducing recovery and healing time of your plantar fasciitis.

Reapplication throughout the day may be required for continuous pain relief. (Use as directed)

Putting a good compression sock on after application can amplify and prolong any soothing effects.

Aside from ridding you of pain,

There is one more desirable effect: Essential oils are also great for the skin. You might notice a great improvement in the area you apply it.

When To Apply The Essential Oil Rub

Andrea Butje says this much better than I ever could so here is her video on when to apply essential oils:

While we’re on the topic of Andrea Butje, her book below is an absolute treasure trove of information. I can’t recommend picking up a copy enough.

Essential Oils The At Home Remedy For Heel Pain

The ingredients of commercial essential oils for heel pain are not all that fancy and rare these days. They used to be hard to find, especially in big quantities. But today, they can be easily found, ordered, and delivered right to your doorstep.

A few milliliters of a combination of these essential oils can yield a potent pain relief concoction you can do on your own and at home. This way, you can customize the scent and strength of your essential oil home remedy.

Wrapping up…

Oral medication for pain is a great way to alleviate heel pain, but this might not be the best choice for your circumstances. Organic remedies have proven their worth in the field of pain relief and they can be a great alternative too. And they can be much cheaper and have desirable side effects in the long run.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am someone who suffered from Plantar Fasciitis off and on for 3 years before my heel pain fully subsided. The following information is based off my own experience and research into what works best for plantar fasciitis.